The purpose of the association and its forms of operations.

Forum Externum ry. is an association founded by lawyers functioning in various aspects of legal work. Its purpose is to promote the realization of basic and human rights in accordance with the contents of constitutional values, democratic principles and the rule of law.

Forum externum means an external and functional area which includes a freedom of religion and conscience, an area where a person can live according to their conscience, regardless of whether his or her convictions are based on religion or any other worldview or philosophy of life.

This external activity in areas of societal interfacing can create tensions with respect to the rights of others. Forum Externum ry. considers it important that solutions for these contradictory situations be sought on a case by case basis, taking into account the totality of the legal system, giving the possibility for actions according to various points of view.

Forum Externum ry. carries out the independent and non-partisan civic supervision of civil and human rights. The association follows the legal developments of society, issues opinions, carries out publishing, information and training activities, organizes seminars and supports research activities. In individual cases, the society can offer legal aid, file complaints and appeals in their own name and otherwise function as a legal actor.